About us

HS IslandBuild Ltd. is a Nanaimo based general contracting and management company providing a complete and cost-effective solution for your building needs.

We work closely with our clients, engineers, trades, and suppliers to assure the highest quality service.

This collaborative approach enables us to resolve potential issues as a team, add value and deliver projects

exceeding expectations. We deliver personal attention to service and detail, ensuring a high degree of repeat business.



The Team

Terry Schulz and Tilman Hilgemann are the founders of IslandBuild Ltd.








     Schulz Terry


As senior partner, and with years of experience, Terry has successfully owned and managed a construction business since 1986.

He is familiar with the very complex municipal by-laws and building code requirements that vary from district to district.


Terry has achieved the highest level of mastery recognized in the industry today; a level of training and expertise shared by only a few people in all of Canada.


This combined with the respect of and relationship with Architects, Engineers and other professionals have built crucial elements of successful project planning and completion.

     Hilgemann Tilman


Tilman has construction experience in over 5 countries around the globe!


Born and raised in Germany, he successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering. His solid educational foundation provides him with strong mechanical knowledge and problem-solving competence.


Canada, Germany, Thailand, Australia Internationally experienced, Tilman has developed his craftsmanship skills with hands-on experience in and New Zealand. Through this background, he gained strong building knowledge in various fields in residential and commercial construction.


Known for his dedication and efficient work methods at every project he accomplishes, Tilman always strives to complete quality projects on schedule, and on budget while following all safety regulations.


















  • We manage all facets of construction projects from start to finish.


  • Finding innovative construction solutions to your unique needs no matter of the size of the project.


  • Our focus is YOU, the client. We keep you informed and involved in every step of the way.


  • Generate a win-win solution by improving every building’s overall functionality and save money for our clients long-term.


  • Our philosophy is that all good and long-term business relationships are based on trust, honesty, and respect.

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