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Commercial construction in Nanaimo, our speciality

Island Build Contracting is specialized in commercial construction in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. Our services included general contracting and construction management for commercial and retail buildings.


At Island Build Contracting we are reliable, experienced and knowledgeable. We ensure the success of your commercial construction project.

Commercial construction in Nanaimo 

commercial construction nanaimo contractor

When we refer to commercial construction, we’re talking about construction in the private sector overseen and built by a general contractor company (us). In commercial construction, a project can be separated into 3 sizes: small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale. At Island Build Contracting we are taking small to medium scale commercial construction project in Nanaimo. Some of the most common commercial construction projects include the following: offices, restaurants, medical facilities, retail, warehouse, sport facilities etc.

Island Build contracting works in both commercial and residential sectors, the difference is that residential construction projects are for individual housing projects.


If you are in the market to start on your commercial construction project in Nanaimo or Vancouver Island, if you are thinking about renovating your commercial premises in order to attract more customers and/or motivate your employees, contact us to hand your construction needs. 

Construction Management 

Construction management is probably the most important role and/or task of a successful commercial construction project. Every stage of the construction management, from the design to the construction and to the owner occupancy, Island Build Contracting strives in providing effective management of the project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. We assume responsibility for the entire project.


Island Build Contracting success is based on understanding and listening to our clients’ goals. We have a strict quality control in the construction process,  our experience and knowledge  enables us to  complete projects meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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Some of our commercial construction projects in Nanaimo

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Commercial Construction: Paint Store South Nanaimo 

Pre-engineered steel-wood hybrid building, commercial construction

Cleaning Line for jet engine parts

Commercial construction: lunchroom renovation

Commercial construction: fabrication of a shop

Commercial construction: pre-engineered steel buildings