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What to check for when you are looking for a commercial space to lease in Nanaimo?

Excited about having your very own premises for your small business?

But before, you need to find the right commercial space! Finding the right location for your business will be a time-consuming, stressful process, but can also be enjoyable. In Nanaimo, many commercial spaces are available for rent or lease. Check out as many properties as possible and be willing to be open-minded about location! Whether you want to lease or rent a commercial space in Nanaimo, here are some of our tips and recommendations when looking for a commercial space in Nanaimo:

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How to find a commercial space for lease in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island?

Use the expertise of a real estate agent.

Finding and leasing the right commercial space for your business can be challenging! While working with an experienced real estate broker or lawyer may be an expense up front, it can help you avoid mistakes and negotiate better terms for your lease. They are the best resource for what is available and may be coming available in Nanaimo. Think about it!

Search the web!

The web is your best friend. Many different websites are listing all the commercial spaces available in Nanaimo. It’s an excellent tool to do some research by yourself , check the pictures and description before hand. It’s easy to get lost with so may websites, pick two or there that you like, and review them regularly. You can even setup alarms for new listings!

Familiarize yourself with the market in Nanaimo

Meeting real estate agent

Talk to your real estate agent, they know the market the best. Study the local real estate market so you will have a rough idea of what a fair commercial rental rate looks like for your area. Analyze the area and get a good idea of your potential clientele.

What is your budget & does the commercial space needs to be renovated.

What is your budget for your commercial space? That is the biggest question you need to ask yourself. Talk with your real estate agent about your budget, what you want, and don’t want. Something to consider too are renovations! Does the place need some renovations and are you going to need a general contractor? You might want to have a look at this article if you are considering hiring a general contractor.

We hope you enjoy these few tips. Checkout our blog for more interesting posts.


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